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Things are heating up: invasive grassy weeds and climate change in Canberra

What is a weed? As described in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Weeds Strategy, a weed is ‘considered to be a terrestrial or aquatic species of non-native or native plant that is harmful to the natural environment (ecosystems/biodiversity), agriculture and … Continue reading

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LEAF + LUSH = BiodiverCity?

When we think about biodiversity, we have some pre-set ideas in our minds of dense rainforests, native grasslands and other pristine landscapes. But what about cities? Given that urban areas are growing, it is important to start thinking about biodiversity … Continue reading

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Why Conserve Biodiversity?

Text and photos by Heitor Cavalcanti de Albuquerque (u5250410) It is interesting to think about the fact that despite all organisms exhibit the same controlling structure (DNA expression), the variety of forms, colors, size, perception of the world and a … Continue reading

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