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MEANINGS OF CONSERVATION WHAT DOES CONSERVATION MEAN? In a space like Murrumbidgee River Corridor (MRC), which houses more than 600 species along the river, including several threatened ones, such as Mountain Cress (Alpine Drabastrum) and Anchor Plant (Discaria pubescens) [3, … Continue reading

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Seeding and Protection of Natural Plants

During my volunteering experience, I first worked with Greening Australia to help seed local plants, then joined Frends of Mount Majura’s effort to protect the plants from local pests. Seeding the young plant at Greening Australia was interesting yet alarming … Continue reading

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Striped legless lizards monitoring experience

How is striped legless lizard current condition? Striped legless lizard (Delma impar) is recognised as a vulnerable species internationally  IUCN. Ongoing efforts are required to sustain its potential growth and evolutionary development in the wild (O’Shea, 2005). In term of … Continue reading

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One Day with ANU Intrepid Landcare

By Yingxianxian Liu (U5907338) ANU Intrepid Landcare is an open association that offer opportunities for everyone who has an interest in landcare, habitat restoration, and environmental conservation. It cooperates with Wandiyali Restoration Trust and many land managers. It continually provides … Continue reading

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Agriculture or Biodiversity Conservation: Do We Need To Choose?

As the world’s human population reaches 7.6 billion people[i], it is striking to consider the sheer magnitude of the agricultural practices that are required to keep up with feeding this expanding population. Increased land clearing to accommodate large-scale, commercial agriculture … Continue reading

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Trees growing on ‘minefields’ – Andres Gordon

Trees growing on ‘minefields’ Throughout the last 800 years of human history, conflicts between different groups have opened paths for the use of imaginative and controversial tools to stop, injure and most of the times destroy one another (Truver, 2012). … Continue reading

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Bird Surveys in the ACT

Introduction: Audaciously early in the morning on the 4th and 5th of October, me and a team of students, joined Dr Phillip Gibbons to help out with the annual bird surveys. The bird survey’s, are part of an ongoing 6-year … Continue reading

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