Biodiversity Conservation is an undergraduate and postgraduate course at The Australian National University. We identify threats to biodiversity and how to mitigate these. In many cases there are no perfect or easy solutions to these problems, so the course is essential a group-think. We start with a typical landscape in which there are many threats to biodiversity (habitat loss, fragmentation, urbanisation, invasive species, etc.) and together with experts from many organisations (many of whom are potential future employers) explore possible solutions to these threats. Each student is required to document part of our journey in this blog.


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  2. Hi there! Very nice blog! Is there a way to subscribe to it? I couldn’t find the usual link… Thanks!

  3. Floora de Wit says:

    I’m wondering whether you have considered, or will consider, the impact that cane toads are having on the biodiversity of Australia. From what I know, the way to monitor cane toad presence is using microphones. As soon as the noise stops, you know the cane toad has arrived.

  4. khoirul says:

    I want to buy quandong seed what is the price? thanks

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