Biodiversity conservation issues involved in reputed trademarks in China

What is Trademark ?

Trademark value is the value of the use of a trademark at a particular time and economic value, with the use of trademarks and commodities in the process of achieving the value. Trademark is not only an intangible asset, but also an intellectual property, a trademark or a commodity. In the process of trademark design, registration and usage, there are a class of trademarks using biological images, biological names, such as the use of biological images or graphics as the logo of the trademark is defined as a biological trademark.

Figure 1: LACOSTE’s logo

Who have the responsibility to protect biodiversity in trademarks?

There is no doubt that the value of well-known trademarks in biological trademarks also contains added value from biological values. So, with the rise of the international trend of biodiversity conservation, as the use of biological trademarks, biological trademarks come and take benefits of enterprises, should bear the responsibility to protect biodiversity? Well-known trademarks on the national key protected wild plants accounted for 2. 03%. China’s first group of animal protection list of “national key protected wildlife” (1988 edition) in 110 families 441 kinds of well-known trademarks on the national key protected wild animals accounted for 4. 99%.
The idea of ​​protecting the creatures on the mark has not been widely recognized, even if it is widely used by the consumer or the business for the majority of the creatures on the trademark. Only a small number of enterprises for their own brand promotion and protection of biodiversity and through the means of financing or publicity to protect the trademark on the biological. In 2005, the Global Environment Facility (GEF), the World Bank and the World Conservation Union (IUCN) set up a “Save your logo” program designed to encourage private organizations or companies to participate in the protection of creatures in their respective logo, The conservation of biodiversity and the protection of endangered species are imminent and the establishment of the Biodiversity Conservation Fund. French brand LACOSTE because of its logo for the crocodile’s image, the first to participate in the program, and promised to protect the endangered by all kinds of crocodiles. Subsequently, France’s largest insurance company MAAF also joined the program, MAAF logo is a dolphin image, will be determined to protect the endangered dolphins and other creatures. The domestic furniture leader brand all the furniture because of the choice of the giant panda as its brand ambassador, in 2005 funded the life of Chengdu giant panda protection base and Wolong giant panda protection base of the giant panda 1, and designed for the giant panda furniture for their play.

Figure 2 : Lacoste, MAAF, Val d’Isère: three supporters of Save Your Logo

China’s current situation and biodiversity conservation actions

China is one of the most economically rich countries and China’s biodiversity ranks eighth in the world which is the northern hemisphere is the first. At the same time, China is also one of the countries with the most serious threat to biodiversity. High endangered species of higher plants up to 4000-5000 species, accounting for 15% of the total number of 20%. In the “International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Animals”

About 156 of the 640 endangered species listed in China (CITES), which is about one-fourth of the total, and the situation is very serious. In addition, China is now the country with increasing biological invasions China is one of the countries with the largest number of biological resources for the world. Most of the necessities of human life and food are from plant resources. China has provided highland barley, soybeans, red beans, mustard, apricot, peach, turmeric, sesame, tea and other important food and other biological genetic resources. At the same time, China provides a rich medicinal biological resources for the world. China is one of the first countries to sign the Convention on biological Diversity and take measures to fulfill its obligations under the convention.

Protecting biodiversity is not just the responsibility of the state and a small number of environmental groups, but also requires companies to take up social responsibility. National level protected animals Oriental White which storks in Tianjin Beidagang Wetland Nature Reserve was hunted, there are still more than 200 no migration to wintering, which also shows that China’s conservation of biodiversity still many problems.

As mentioned above, China’s well-known trademarks on the national key protected wild plants accounted for 2. 03% and well-known trademarks on the national key protected wild animals accounted for 4. 99%.If the biological trademark enterprises not only establish a trademark protection on the biological awareness and social responsibility but also put into practical protection action, which will promote the whole society attention and protection of biodiversity, building an ecological civilization to make a positive contribution.


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Figure 1:

Figure 2:



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