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The Real Ranger – A snapshot into the everyday life ACT Parks, Conservation and Lands

Elle Kromar Inundated by rain and fuelled by the thrill of exploring a prospective career path, I entered the ACT Parks, Conservation and Lands (PCL) depot at Stromlo. Through the welcoming haze of freshly brewed tea, I could see the … Continue reading

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Habitat Connectivity in Box Gum Woodlands

U5376367 Introduction:  As part of my work experience I wanted to understand the practical applications of the course. There was no better option than to become a fieldwork volunteer for PhD research conducted by Stephanie Pulsford of the Fenner School … Continue reading

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Developing Stepping-Stones to Connect the Inhabitants of Box-Gum Woodland Patches

Daniel F. Martinez-Escobar U5182783 Box-Gum Woodland once covered a large area of south-eastern Australia. It is home to various species of birds, lizards, frogs and invertebrates. However, since European settlement began, 92% of its area has been cleared for grazing … Continue reading

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Vegetation assessment at Bago State Forest

Alexander Pecenko (u5333012) My work experience for the ENVS3039 Biodiversity Conservation course (4–7 April 2015) involved assisting Dr Heather Kieth with data collection at Bago State Forest, NSW, for research of the forest’s carbon cycle (more information here). Location of … Continue reading

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Innovation in Biodiversity Conservation – servicing our debt to Pachamama

We all know the range of benefits that biodiverse ecosystems bring, right? As a source of food, materials, medicine, shelter and refuge, in addition to providing valuable natural services like carbon sequestration and filtering toxic substances and a realm of … Continue reading

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Rescuing birds in Jaipur, India

India, as one of the 10 biggest countries in the world, supports a rich biodiversity. This is due to the different ecosystems that we can find in the country, from deserts to rainforests. In the state of Rajhastan alone, we … Continue reading

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