The importance of biodiversity

The importance of biodiversity
Biodiversity is important, everybody know that, but how exactly important is not understood by everyone. For example, human need to eat, eat can bring us energy, eat also can bring us satisfy. A beautiful and delicious food make us happy. Biodiversity can provide different material for human to make their food variable. Biodiversity also can provide different ingredients and let human taste different flavor.
Biodiversity also can influence our cloth. We can use cotton to make sheet and cloth, use silk to make dress, use wool make quilt, use feather to keep us warm in cool weather. Without those species, human’s life is boring and ugly. Do you know some dye can only be found in plants? Biodiversity gave human a colorful live.
Biodiversity is our medicine warehouse. Until now, in eastern countries, herbs still used as medicine to cure people from disease. Some fungi’s seed can mitigate the reaction of chemotherapy. The main ingredient in Aspirin come from plants. There are thousands different medicine is coming from plants and animals, without those species, human cannot fight to diseases.
Biodiversity is important is many ways, so do you best to keep biodiversity.



About Biodiversity Conservation Blog

I am an Associate Professor at The Australian National University and convene a (very awesome) course called Biodiversity Conservation. Myself and students in the course contribute to this blog.
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