The extinction under my shoes

As a student of the Biodiversity Conservation course, I have realised about the large number of animals and plants that are, unfortunately, endangered in Australia. In many of the classes I have noticed that these species are near from cities and they are increasingly threatened by clearing vegetation for building urban areas and agriculture projects.

Therefore, I thought that the extinction was very close to me, but I would have never guessed that was under my shoes. Yes, as you hear, under my shoes! Or more accurately, behind the Crawford School building, where each week I go to feed my brain with knowledge, but at the same time, without the knowledge of the richness around.

Crawford BuildingPhoto by Crawford School

Near this area, it is still possible to find a beautiful flower called Nodding Chocolate Lily, which as its name suggests, has a characteristic smell like chocolate that it is revealed at the blooming time; which occurs between the months of August and January. In addition, it adds to their common name, nodding, probably by the characteristic movement of the flowers in the wind.

chocolate-lilyPhoto by NaturallySouthAustralia

Thanks to the efforts of the ANU Green program, this beautiful plant has been shown in the media to create awareness about the delicate condition within Australia threatened species. Also, ANU Green has created programs for cleaning and removing weeds in the area to ensure this Nodding Chocolate Lily community to have the chance to prevail for many years.

20061120094002_chocolate-lilyPhoto by David Kleinert Photography

As a result, this experience made me think about the time when the management plans were designed and the vegetation was removed to construct the school. Do you think that any of the workers or engineers stopped to think about the source of such exquisite smell that invited to do a break to enjoy a cup of chocolate?

Well, I invite you to visit the place to meet this beautiful plant; and then, probably to crave with a delicious cup of hot chocolate.

Posted by Linette Alfaro Cordero



About Biodiversity Conservation Blog

I am an Associate Professor at The Australian National University and convene a (very awesome) course called Biodiversity Conservation. Myself and students in the course contribute to this blog.
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One Response to The extinction under my shoes

  1. Thanks Linette. Everyone should visit the Box Gum Woodland behind Crawford – and we need to acknowledge the many hours that ANU Green and volunteers have put into this site. Phil

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