Fire, a gift or a disaster

Fire, a gift or a disaster
We always talk about fire in forest is not good, especially for human being. People will lose their house or get injured. For most animals fire is a disaster. They will lose their habitat, their food source, even their life. Due to the human occupation, some species is isolated. They have to live near human properties, they have to share habitat with human. When fire occurred, they may die. It will take a very long time for them to recovery. Therefore fire is not good.
However, for some species, fire is a gift. Fire in forest can help clean litter and turn it into a kind of nutrient. Plants, fungi and some insects need those nutrient to generation or grow. Therefore, fire is important to those species.
That is why aboriginal people like burning land. On the one hand, burning in some area can prevent big fire in dry and hot summer. Just like firebreaks to stop several fire join together. On the other hand, burning helps providing nutrient for soma species. Most burning is planned very well. They will minimize the influence to animals to protect them, so we need to understand that fire is not only a disaster, but also a gift.



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I am an Associate Professor at The Australian National University and convene a (very awesome) course called Biodiversity Conservation. Myself and students in the course contribute to this blog.
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