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The argument for egg-harvesting: A case of sustainable conservation of turtles in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is an important country for turtle conservation and famous for the spectacular mass-nesting (arribada) behaviour witnessed on many of its beaches. Ostional, a small town on the Pacific coast, is a particularly important location for this behaviour. It … Continue reading

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Gold Rush – Guyana’s claim to Economic Sustainability

by Ruslin Richards Guyana lies in the heart of the Guiana shield; with approximately 85% of the country still covered with forest. It has one of the highest levels of biodiversity of any country, with over 8,000 species of flora … Continue reading

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Can “Pachamama rights” be translated into a harmonic relationship between sea lions and human communities in the Galapagos Islands?

by Jose Guerrero Vela San Cristobal, the capital of the Galapagos Islands, is the place that I am lucky to call home. San Cristobal is the main fisheries port in the Galapagos, and home of the Galapagos sea lions (Zalophus … Continue reading

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Offshore drilling in Belize – profits or ecocide?

by Dian Vasquez   The Mesoamerican reef system represents the largest reef complex situated in the northern hemisphere spanning an approximate length of one thousand kilometers. Of this complex, about three hundred kilometres straddles the coast of Belize, making it … Continue reading

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