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Holistic Management: A Savory Recipe for Biodiversity

Earlier this year, I happened to come across a very interesting TED talk given by Allan Savory, the man behind modern holistic management and planned grazing. In it he outlines his experience and research into the drivers of worldwide grassland … Continue reading

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Agri-Environmental Practices in Ancient China

As one of the most biologically diverse landscapes, China has more than 7,000 years of agricultural practices in history (Liu et al., 2013). Producing food largely in a self-sufficient manner, the traditional farming practices incorporate biodiversity-friendly landscape management such as … Continue reading

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Biodiversity Conservation – Mindanao Style (Philippines)

(For personal safety reasons all identifying details have been omitted) Ekaf Eman is a forestry student like me. He attends university (Mindanao State University, Philippines) and like me has to contend with handing in assignments on time, balancing study/life commitments … Continue reading

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Conservation from the Perspective of Animal Behaviour

The struggle to conserve wildlife populations and preserve biological diversity is often impeded by in our inadequate understanding of animal behavior. How do animals react to get in forested land, or you or hunters? Do the variances in gender, age, … Continue reading

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The Dichotomy of Conservation and Production: Reconceptualising Biodiversity

Ecosystem Engineers Management of the Australian landscape drastically changed with the arrival of Europeans in the 18th Century. Not only did the colonisers bring with them management techniques adapted to completely different ecosystems, they also brought the dominant paradigm of … Continue reading

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Why Conserve Biodiversity?

Text and photos by Heitor Cavalcanti de Albuquerque (u5250410) It is interesting to think about the fact that despite all organisms exhibit the same controlling structure (DNA expression), the variety of forms, colors, size, perception of the world and a … Continue reading

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