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One Step Closer to Bring Back Extinct Animals: Breakthrough in Human Cloning

Scientists have produced human embryonic stem cells (ESCs) using the same cloning technology (somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT)) that created Dolly the sheep and the many cloned animals that have followed. The study was carried out by researchers from Oregon … Continue reading

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Zoos – An Important Conservation Tool?

Zoos have always been a topic of debate, with conflicts between those who argue they save endangered species and educate the public, to animal rights activists who believe the costs outweigh the benefits.  It is a two sided argument and … Continue reading

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Politics as usual

In the past 3 years a heated up discussion has been going on in Brazil about the creation of a new National Environmental Law. Brazil holds a huge parcel of of the world’s natural areas, but it is of common … Continue reading

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Reintroducing predators: Hokkaido island in Japan

Hokkaido is the most northern and biggest prefecture in Japan. This place is well-known for its beautiful nature, however, there are serious environmental, social and economic problems caused by the excessive increase of native deer: the Ezo Deer. The height of … Continue reading

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Stem Cell Cloning: A Novel Approach towards Biodiversity Conservation?

If you were given a chance to clone a dead animal, which animal would you clone? A Tyrannosaurus rex? A woolly mammoth? Or your pet dog, Mr. Dodo? With biotechnology advancing at breakneck pace, scientists are very close to cloning … Continue reading

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Ecotourism: The Good, The Bad & The Possibilities

Sitting on my hotel balcony at Kandalama Heritance Hotel, Sri Lanka, I could think only one thing, why were there not more hotels like this? Ecotourism is defined as “responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves … Continue reading

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Should we eat wildlife?

As in Australia, wildlife in Vietnam faces the risk of extinction and population decline caused by habitat loss and fragmentation, introduced species, disease and climate change. However, Australia faces over population problems with some big native mammal species and introduced … Continue reading

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Urban Biodiversity – Is it worth it

  Urban centre of Melbourne, Australia. (source: Mike Krebs) Biodiversity Blog – Does urban biodiversity have a role in conserving biodiversity, is it worth the trouble?   Sam Nicholson u4854749 When you think of modern cities, what is the first … Continue reading

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“Save Our Trees!” Restoration in the face of avid nature lovers

In the field of biodiversity conservation (as with most land management) we constantly face the challenge of balancing stakeholder interests with the needs of the environment.  A sometimes difficult question is determining the point at which a threat should be … Continue reading

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Managing fertiliser use to preserve biodiversity

The overuse of fertilisers can have detrimental effects on native flora.  The most common elements included in agricultural fertilisers that can be harmful to the Australian landscape are nitrogen and phosphorus.  Australia’s plants are evolved to a landscape that is … Continue reading

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